Tricks to Ace the XAT Decision-Making Section

The Decision Making section in XAT is unique to this particular test. This section does not only test your knowledge, it tests your attitude. The fact that this can contribute majorly to your percentile is an important reason why you should make serious efforts to score well in this section. The questions in this section can be widely segregated into four sections – pure logic, financial issues, managerial issues and ethical dilemmas.

There are a few simple tricks to ace this part of the XAT paper.

  1. Identify who are affected by the event: Quickly analyse and identify the multiple people who are relevant to you in the context of the given question. Knowing the full scope of the situation given to you will help you in coming up with the right decision. Keep the list of stakeholders in mind as you understand the question and move towards solving it.
  2. Undertake a holistic analysis of the situation: Once you know the stakeholders, analyze the situation from the perspective of all the stakeholders. Look at it from every angle and from the point of view of every person involved in the situation. Neglecting any aspect of the situation might not be very helpful in solving the question.
  3. Take the most beneficial option: The selected option must be benefitting the maximum number of stakeholders involved in the situation. After looking at the different perspectives of the situation, you must select the one option that makes the maximum difference to the largest number of people. This might make you select the least risky option out of all, but be assured that is probably the answer that is correct.
  4. Keep your opinion to yourself: The option that is correct in the given scenario might be completely the opposite of your own personal opinion. But trust me this is one place where you should keep your value system aside and choose what seems like the most ethical thing to do. If this means that you have to put yourself in the shoes of God himself, please do. The option that you select must be the most morally correct thing among all the options given there.
  5. Be a picture of good ethics: Every time there is a choice that gives a material advantage but does not seem very ethical, the right thing to do is not select that option. The Decision Making section is more often than not a test of your own personal ethics and also how much you put others over you. Hence, picking something that is most obviously unethical can only mean that the answer is wrong. Always choose the ‘right thing to do’ over the ‘thing that gives you money or anything material.’
  6. Diagnose why the other options are incorrect: The other important technique for scoring well in the Decision-Making section is not only knowing the reasoning behind the correct answer. The trick is to know the reason why the other options are wrong. This section is so designed that it gives you a feeling that all the answers can be correct. Surprise! These options are enticing but they are most likely to be wrong. Analyse why they are wrong. Once you know why you should not be selecting the other options, it is easier to select the one that is correct with conviction.
  7. Ask yourself key questions: Yes, do not waste too much time on one question, but while you are at it, ask yourself if you have covered all the bases. It is easy to make a wrong decision when you miss out an important bit of information. Take into account every bit of information that you can and make a sound decision.

So bring out your logical and ethical best at the XAT exam this year and do your best to solve the Decision-Making section!
All the best!

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